New Silicone Technologies

New silicone technologies

Silicone gel sheeting has been used successfully for almost 30 years in scar management to improve the signs and symptoms of existing scars as well as to prevent the development of abnormal scars.1

However, silicone gel sheeting implies several limitations in its use. It is not practical to use sheets on large areas, near joints, on the face or other areas where the shape of the body or the skin makes it difficult to ensure good contact and coverage of the sheets. Patients often dislike using sheets on unclothed areas and the handling of the sheeting is rather complicated as sheets have to be carefully washed on a frequent basis to prevent rashes and infection.2

Therapy using silicone gel sheets can be expensive as they must be cut to fit the shape of the scar and usage of several sheets is necessary to complete the recommended course of therapy.


Next generation silicone gel – applied from a tube

The new formulations of silicone gel applied from a tube (e.g. Strataderm) are applied in a thin layer to the affected skin to form a self-drying, transparent, flexible and gas-permeable silicone gel sheet that adheres to the skin. This ensures a constant contact time to the entire surface of the scar allowing it to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.2

Recent clinical trials and clinical experience has now shown that self-drying silicone gel applied from a tube has the same efficacy and the same excellent results in scar treatment and the prevention of abnormal scar formation as traditional silicone gel sheeting – but self-drying silicone gels are much easier to use and do not show the same clinical limitations in their usage.2

In several studies, patients and physicians reported very high levels of satisfaction with silicone gel treatment with respect to ease of use, duration of treatment, cosmetic outcome and tolerability.2

Although there are many scar therapy products that use silicones and some with self-drying formulations, Strataderm has been developed using new silicone technology, that does not use SiO2 (sand or glass) to aid in drying. Superior durability skin-feel post application and drying time are some of the advantages of Strataderm’s advanced formulation.


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