Treatment Options

Treatment options for scars

No treatment option is available yet to prevent or rectify scars. Contrary to some media claims, scars cannot yet be made to disappear. Many patients arrive at plastic surgery clinics with unrealistic expectations. Clinical judgment is required when considering treatment, balancing the potential benefits of the various treatments available against the likelihood of a poor response and possible iatrogenic complications. The evidence base for the use of many current treatments is poor, and some may have only placebo benefit.1

Silicone gel is the only non-invasive option for which evidence-based recommendations have been made for both scar treatment and prevention by leading specialists worldwide. It is recommended as first line therapy for a wide range of scars.

Options available for scar treatment/prevention



Silicone gel (e.g. Strataderm)

Pressure/compression therapy

Topical steroids


Polyurethane patches




Injected steroids



Laser therapy

Dermal abrasion


Other treatments (with no medical evidence)

Topical vitamin E cream (and other moisturizers)

Plant extract creams

Massage therapy


1. Bayat A et al. BMJ 2003; 326:88–92