Combination Therapy

Stratamark in combination with laser devices for Striae treatment

Lasers are still one of the best option for treating of existing stretch marks. The best results are observed when lasers are used for treating Striae Rubra (red, itching and painful sometimes). Treating the old stretch marks, Striae Alba (white and pale, without physical symptoms), with lasers still give improvement in stretch marks appearance. However, the satisfaction of the results is not great for both doctors and patients.

When used in combination with lasers, Stratamark protects the skin, hydrates Striae through decreasing of transepithelial water loss and normalizes the collagen synthesis cycle though normalizing the tissue growth factors. This complex action leads to improving the overall results of stretch marks treatment using lasers.

Stratamark should be applied after the first laser session through all treatment course. Application of Stratamark should continue 60–90 days after finishing the whole treatment course or until no further improvement is seen.

For the best results it is recommended to start application of Stratamark around 2 weeks prior to the first laser session to improve skin hydration.

Stratamark can be used in combination with non-ablative lasers only. In case of ablative treatment of stretch marks, Stratamed should be used immediately after the procedure until the skin is fully re-epithelialized. Use of Stratamark is recommended after the wounds are healed.