Stratamark Triple Action

Stratamark provides complex triple action


Stratamark is semi-occlusive and gas permeable, which allows the skin to breath and remain hydrated. However, it is also hydrophobic, which prevents water being lost from the dermal layers of the skin. It helps in decreasing the transepithelial water loss and therefore increasing stretch marks hydration.1,2


Stratamark forms a durable, flexible and waterproof sheet. It does not penetrate into the epidermis or dermis. Stratamark protects the stretch mark from local irritants including friction from clothing. This assists in normalizing the level of collagen production.1


Stratamark influences on the epidermal-dermal signaling cascade via a regulation role of the epidermis on fibroblast production. Keratinocytes have shown to activate the fibroblasts, hence collagen and glycosaminoglycan production. This leads to the normalizing of the keratinocyte hydration status and the normalizing of tissue growth factors, which signals dermal fibroblasts to normalize the collagen synthesis cycle of Striae.1

Unlike cosmetic and moisturizing products, Stratamark is a medical device with proven therapeutic action for the prevention and treatment of Striae.


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