HCP About Stratamed

Stratamed – safe and efficient

Stratamed is the first topical silicone gel which is approved for the use immediately after many invasive procedures. This makes it an excellent addition to any wound healing protocol with no changes required.

With high safety, efficacy, and ease of use as well as an increased number of procedures where it can be used, Stratamed raises the bar for industry-leading advanced primary wound dressing.


Stratamed is supplied as “sterile until open”, bacteriostatic and inert. It is hydrophobic and lipophilic. Stratamed does not affect the protective acid mantle of the skin, it does not react with other materials and it does not irritate. It does not penetrate below the level of stratum corneum and is not absorbed through the skin or through the gastrointestinal tract.

Stratamed is approved to use on open wounds and compromised skin. This was proved with laboratory testing and clinical observations. Stratamed is manufactured under GMP guidelines.


Three published clinical studies and several case studies confirm that Stratamed is effective for enhancing wound healing, is fast in reducing the acute inflammatory response, provides symptomatic relieve, and is fast in improving the visible outcome of the treatment and reducing the incidence of abnormal scar formation.1,2,4

Stratpharma is actively performing Phase IV clinical studies worldwide as a part of an ambitious clinical plan.

Ease of use

Stratamed is easy and painless to apply and remove. It is very easy for patients to use Stratamed at home, which leads to improving the compliance.

When Stratamed is used

Stratamed can be used immediately after any intervention when the integrity of the skin is compromised.

Stratamed is used for:

  • Creating an optimal wound healing environment for faster wound
    healing resulting in reduced downtime1
  • Reducing and normalizing acute inflammatory response1
  • Hydrating the wounds by reducing TEWL but being gas permeable to prevent the maceration1,2
  • Protecting the wound from chemical and microbial invasion, as Stratamed is bacteriostatic1,2
  • Because of the hydrophobic nature of silicone, Stratamed does not firmly adhere to underlying granulation tissue, which allows epidermal migration to occur unimpeded underneathe2
  • Improving the visible outcome of the treatment3
  • More comfortable post procedure care and increasing patient’sadherence to multiple session protocols3
  • Early abnormal scar prevention1

Stratamed was developed for the use on many different types of wounds including those resulting from:

  • Skin resurfacing procedures
  • Surgical procedures
  • Burns and grafts
  • Chronic wounds


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