Indication Dermatological Procedures

A breakthrough in post procedure care

Patients seeking skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments have high expectations. They want fast results and the best overall outcome of their therapy. This means reducing the recovery time so patients may return to their daily life with the best possible results. Following the correct treatment and technique, post procedure care is the key for achieving the best results, patient satisfaction, and downtime.


Use Stratamed immediately post procedure

Stratamed is a full contact flexible wound dressing. It is the first semi-occlusive, self-drying, transparent silicone wound dressing in the form of a gel, that can be applied on compromised and non-epithelialized skin.

  • Bacteriostatic, gas permeable and inert1,2
  • Creates an optimal environment for faster reepithelialization resulting in reduced downtime1
  • Reduces and normalizes the inflammatory response1
  • Hydrates and protects superficial wounds and compromised skin1
  • Does not adhere strongly to the wound bed or the newly formed granulating tissue2
  • Improves the visible outcome of the treatment1
  • Provides symptomatic relief (redness/discolouration, itching, discomfort, pain)1
  • Easy to apply with a great safety profile1

Stratamed can be used immediately after all dermatological interventions such as: laser treatment, dermal abrasion, chemical peels, tattoo removal, and surgery.

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