How Does StrataXRT Work

How does StrataXRT work?

StrataXRT is an innovative flexible wound dressing specifically developed for the prevention and treatment of radiation dermatitis.

Once dried, StrataXRT forms a thin, flexible, protective layer that is gas permeable and waterproof. This will help promote a moist would healing environment by minimizing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). The StrataXRT film lightly bonds to the most superficial damaged skin layer and protects compromised skin areas as well as superficial wounds.

This moist environment will allow a rapid post therapy healing and a faster skin recovery. It will also reduce the acute skin inflammatory response. It can also relieve dry, itching, flaking, peeling and irritated skin, which are common side effects of radiation therapy.

StrataXRT can be used immediately after the first radiation therapy session. It will minimize the progression of skin reactions during radiation treatment and maintain skin integrity.

StrataXRT can remain in contact with the skin during the radiation sessions since it does not influence the course of the radiation therapy (It does not deflect the beams, so it does not cause a “bolus effect”).

When reaching radiation dermatitis grades of dry desquamation, StrataXRT protects the fragile epidermis and maintains the skin’s integrity, preventing the outmost layers from excessive sloughing.

For a worse radiation dermatitis grade such as moist desquamation, StrataXRT protects the dermal stroma from long-term deterioration whilst optimizing the environment for the reparative process and reducing the risk of infection.