How to Use StrataXRT

Applying StrataXRT

StrataXRT is recommended to be used starting from the first dose of radiation therapy in order to enhance results.

First ensure that the affected skin or superficial wound upon which you will apply StrataXRT is clean and dry. Should there be excessive exudate (fluid), pat it dry.

Apply a very thin layer of StrataXRT directly on the affected area and allow it to dry. The gel should dry within 5 to 6 minutes. If it takes longer to dry, you have probably applied too much. Gently remove the excess with a clean tissue or gauze and allow the drying process to continue. Once dry, StrataXRT may be covered with cosmetics and clothing.

StrataXRT should be applied once or twice daily upon the affected areas or as advised by your physician. To achieve best results, StrataXRT should remain in continuous contact with the skin (24 hours a day/7 days a week). StrataXRT should be applied for a minimum of 60–90 days post radiation therapy, or until no further improvement is seen.

For chronic radiation dermatitis, continued use is recommended until no further improvement is seen.

StrataXRT may be applied more frequently to relieve pruritus.

When using StrataXRT, if an irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Should you notice signs of infections or failure to heal on the area of the radiation dermatitis, immediately consult your physician.

Tips for StrataXRT usage

  • StrataXRT may be used in conjunction with other treatments to improve overall results.
  • StrataXRT can also be used with or without a secondary protective dressing.
  • StrataXRT may be kept in the refrigerator to relieve the heat sensation during application.
  • Should StrataXRT stain your clothes, “normal” washing will not remove the product. Dry cleaning is advised for best results.


How much StrataXRT is required?

StrataXRT gel is a unique formulation that requires substantially less product per application than typical moisturizing creams or barrier ointments.

StrataXRT 20 g (0.75 oz) is enough to treat an area of 12 × 15 cm,
(5 × 6 inch) twice per day for over 30 days.

StrataXRT 50 g (1.75 oz) is enough to treat an area of 12 × 15 cm,
(5 × 6 inch) twice per day for over 75 days.


For any further information please refer to the Product Information Leaflet.